Our work has been featured in popular media across the world, including NY Times, Economist, CNN, Wired, NPR, MIT Technology Review, Wall Street Journal and others. See below for what others are saying about our work.


May 07, 2020  DIY Tool Lets High Schoolers Practice Gene Editing, Scientific American

Apr 20, 2020  Engineers Offer DIY Solutions to Coronavirus Equipment Shortages, Scientific American

Mar 24, 2020  Coronavirus has hospitals in desperate need of equipment. These innovators are racing to help , NY Times News

Mar 23, 2020  Do-It-Yourself Medical Devices and Protective Gear Fuel Battle Against COVID-19 , Georgia Tech News

Jan 30, 2020  Four ChBE Professors Win Prestigious NSF CAREER Awards Congratulations Prof. Bhamla for receiving the 2020 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF)!


Jan 14, 2020  This CRISPR Tool costs 10,000$. Researchers made a version that costs 23 cents Interview with Inverse

Jan 12, 2020 BBQ Lighter Transformed Into a High-Tech Lab Device, Interview with Georgia Tech


Nov 02, 2019 Hearing aid uses 3D printed parts and costs less than a dollar Interview with  Jason Arunn Murugesu, New Scientist

Aug 02, 2019 Local high school students help develop a low cost tool used in lifesaving research WSB-TV Atlanta

Jul 01, 2019 Low Cost Medical Devices for Low-Resource Regions, Interview with Medgadget 

Jun 10, 2019 Frugal Science in the Age of Innovation, Georgia Tech, College of Engineering, Podcast with Dean on the Uncommon Engineer 

Mar 06, 2019 This spider slingshots itself at extreme speeds to catch prey, ScienceNews

Jan 11, 2019 How worm blobs behave like a liquid and a solid, ScienceNews

Jan 06, 2019 This worm’s lifestyle is the stuff of science fiction, Science

Jan 05, 2019 This sharpshooter insect pees faster than a cheetah accelerates, Science

Dec 27, 2018 From The SpaceX Falcon Heavy to the Paperfuge, The 2018 Beazley Design Awards Are Timelessly Timely, Forbes

Dec 12, 2018 This insect's 'pee droplets' accelerate faster than a cheetah, As It Happens, CBC Radio

Dec 10, 2018 The ‘pissing fly’ urinates faster than cheetahs run, teaching scientists about new forms of speed, The Washington Post

Dec 4, 2018 How some sap-sucking insects fling their pee, ScienceNews

Aug 10, 2018  Meet the Flash of the protozoan world, NSF Science 360

Aug 8, 2018  The World’s Fastest Creature Is Not What You Think, Gizmodo

Aug 7, 2018  World’s Fastest Creature May Also be One of the Smallest, Gatech News

Jun 18, 2018  Too Small for Big Muscles, Tiny Animals Use Springs, Scientific American

Apr 26, 2018  Math Explains Why Robots Can't Compete With Ants, Popular Mechanics

Apr 26, 2018  Nature's mechanical secrets could held build faster robots, WIRED

Apr 26, 2018  Scientists figured out how some of the world’s smallest creatures pack such powerful punches, Quartz


Jan 10, 2017  Children’s Whirligig Toy Inspires a Low-Cost Laboratory Test, National Public Radio

Jan 12 2017  How a Children’s Toy Could Help Fight Malaria, Smithsonian

Jan 31 2017  A low-cost, hand-powered paper centrifuge, NIH Research Matters

Jan 10 2017  This super-cheap paper centrifuge can spin 125,000 times per minute, Popular Science

Jan 10 2017  This Centrifuge Costs 20 Cents to Make and Can Be Used Anywhere, MIT Technology Review

Jan 10 2017  An Ancient Toy Could Improve Health Care in the Developing World, The Atlantic

Jan 10 2017  Spinning toy reinvented as low-tech centrifuge, Nature News

Jan 14 2017  A cardboard centrifuge separates blood cells from plasma, The Economist

Jan 16 2017  20-cent, whirligig-inspired Paperfuge could help diagnose diseases, CNN

Jan 10 2017  This 20-cent paper pinwheel could transform medicine in the developing world, Science

Jan 10 2017  The Paperfuge: A 20-cent device that could transform healthcare, Wired


Mar 26 2016  Contact Lens Wearers May Be Done Dealing With Dry Eyes, Thanks To New Device, Medical Daily

Oct 09 2016  The beautiful geometry of arrested soap bubbles, Boston Globe

Sept 14 2016  Engineers stop the swirly rainbows on bubbles, Futurity

Mar 24 2016  ‘Tear machine’ might make contact lenses less painful, Futurity


Dec 02 2015  Get lost is these trippy fluid dynamics GIFs, Wired